hg皇冠2020手机为业主提供专家咨询, 开发人员, architects and engineers on all security-related issues and requirements related to site 计划ning, 设计和布局. Key physical and technical security domains are aligned within an integrated site 计划 that progresses from design to construction and system acceptance testing to opening and daily operations. hg皇冠2020手机帮助组织设计主要设施, 具有可伸缩的复杂基础设施, resilient and compliant security blueprint that reflects the operational needs of the facility or entity.


Expert counsel on security-related issues for site 计划ning, 设计和布局以解决环境问题, 基础设施和空间需求. Creation of a technical security design package that results in a scalable, 弹性技术安全计划. 提供技术安全规范, 独立或与设计团队合作, as a single-phased design or a multi-tier/multi-stage type of design (e.g., schematic design, design development, construction documents).


  • Blast analysis that assesses the potential impact to inform load quantification, 规范咨询与设计
  • 技术包括冲击, 排泄, 冲动, thermal loading and fragmentation to help identify structural capacity and solutions to mitigate the effect of blast loads
  • Ballistic and hazardous fragment protection that characterizes and quantifies the likely threats and design or specifies protective measures


技术系统评价, operational elements and human factors critical to an efficient and effective SOC, including coordination of mechanical and architectural components.


Planning of physical and psychological elements to (1) deter offenders before they commit harmful acts; (2) enhance the quality of life for people living, working or recreating in the facility; and (3) increase environmental value.


  • Risk assessment required by National 消防 Association (NFPA) 72, Chapter 24 to ensure that the mass notification system includes the components best suited to respond to the design-based threats established for the facility
  • Verification that a properly designed mass notification system is in place


Emergency 计划ning and mass notification design that applies proprietary algorithms to understand the flow of pedestrians during an active shooter type of incident.


Oversight of security systems vendors, integrators and installer activities and deliverables. 最初, assurance that the contractor has bid an appropriate scope for the project will minimize change orders. 在施工期间, validation that the security systems are in accordance with the construction requirements and best practices. Provide on-site quality reviews during design and installation of sub-system and finish work as well as liaison with third-party security stakeholders.

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