Proper security design is a vital component of site planning, design and layout. Our global security experts work directly with developers, 业主, and architectural and engineering teams to ensure that physical and technical security factors are incorporated into the site plan at every design and construction phase. hg皇冠2020手机专门设计可伸缩的, resilient and compliant security blueprints that advance the design objectives and operational requirements of the project.



Our experts use a holistic approach to security systems design to ensure that all security elements work together for maximum effectiveness and are specific to your needs. 服务包括物理和技术 安全评估; security design consulting; protective design, including blast analysis and ballistic and hazardous fragment protection; security operations center (SOC) design and consulting; CPTED; mass notification risk assessment; and armed aggressor egress modeling.


请求建议书(rfp) +投标支持

作为hg皇冠2020手机设计过程的一部分, we can help source and vet the right security system vendor, integrator or installer by having us develop a Request for Proposal (RFP). Services include identification of security design requirements; integration into an architectural package; creation and publication of an RFP package; and evaluation of RFP responses and negotiation support.



We can also be a part of the process beyond design to ensure that there isn’t a gap between design and installation. Services include governance oversight of security system vendor, integrator and installer activities and deliverables during each critical phase of the project as well as the provision of quality reviews during design and installation of sub-system and finish work. We also confirm system installation in accordance with design documents.

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