Knowing your Businesses + Threats Can Keep You Ahead of The Curve

Thorough risk mitigation services result in proper assessments, risk-informed engineering and designs, and appropriate applications and technology usage – all within the framework of a site-specific decision-making process. We have one of the most diverse and industry-leading teams of risk-informed engineers, fire protection experts and regulatory affairs consultants in the world and have been the principal developers for Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) methods and technology for more than 30 years. 从那时起, we have established and maintained a dominant role in the use of risk mitigation and reliability techniques to ensure regulatory compliance while enhancing the safety and operational performance of complex facilities, 比如核电站, chemical process facilities and hazardous material storage facilities. Our expertise will help you save money, minimize risk and give you the peace of mind that your staff, facilities and the environment are safe.


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