该网站由詹森·休斯运营,并代表其运营,包括其附属机构, divisions, 业务单位和子公司(“公司”).

建立个人资料保障, the Company has implemented a privacy policy that incorporates foundational privacy principles and concepts that support compliance with applicable privacy laws and regulations. This Privacy Statement summarizes how our policy applies to our website and related communications and services ("Services") but excludes services that state that are offered under a different privacy statement or policy.

This Privacy Statement applies to personal information the Company may collect through this website, 以及hg皇冠2020手机在经营过程中可能收集到的其他信息. 本公司将决定个人资料的用途及处理方法, collected by or for, 或与hg皇冠2020手机的服务有关的处理. 作为hg皇冠2020手机服务的匿名访问者或注册用户, the collection, 使用及分享个人资料须遵守本私隐声明及更新.

Jensen Hughes尊重您的隐私,不会出售、出租或出借任何收集到的个人资料. Any information that you give Jensen Hughes will be treated in a careful and secure manner and only for legal and authorized purposes consistent with this Privacy Statement.

This Privacy Statement does not apply to personal information relating to the Company's own employees. The collection, processing and handling of Company employees' personal information is governed by Company policies.



Data you provide us

当你填写表格时,hg皇冠2020手机会收集你的信息. 当通过hg皇冠2020手机的网站hg皇冠2020手机时, as appropriate, 你可能会被要求输入你的:名字, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number, 公司名称和/或职位名称. hg皇冠2020手机收集和处理数据时,您:

  • 登记或填写一份联系人或信息申请表
  • 自愿完成客户调查或通过电子邮件提供反馈
  • 通过浏览器的cookies使用或查看hg皇冠2020手机的网站
  • 通过社交媒体或电话关注或hg皇冠2020手机
  • 在活动和展会上与hg皇冠2020手机分享
  • 请求采访延森·休斯的发言人
  • 申请一名延森·休斯专家
  • 申请一个公司的职位


除了上面列出的数据, 当提交RFP或FA时, 你可提供与该要求有关的其他个人资料. 该信息包括但不限于:

  • 被保险人信息(姓名、地址、电话)
  • 账单信息(姓名、地址、电话号码)
  • 损失的位置(地址)
  • 索赔和/或证据描述,包括姓名、地址和电话号码


  • 当您提供个人资料时,hg皇冠2020手机会收集您的个人资料, 发布或上传文件到hg皇冠2020手机的网站, 比如当你填写表格或提交简历时.
  • 你可以选择你的申请人资料中的信息, 比如你的教育, work experience, and skills. You should only include information relevant to job qualifications for our recruitment and hiring process.
  • When you apply for U.S.-based positions, 根据法律,hg皇冠2020手机必须要求你确认你的种族, ethnicity, gender, 退伍军人和残疾状况. 然而,您没有义务提供皇冠hg2020官方些信息.
  • 请不要在您的个人资料中上载或包含敏感的个人资料, 包括你的简历或其他文件. 敏感个人资料可能包括, but is not limited to, 种族或民族背景, 身体或精神健康信息, religious beliefs, 遗传或生物特征数据, and sexual orientation.


hg皇冠2020手机也通过使用cookie间接收集数据, 网站分析和社交媒体. Data may also be collected and stored based on your interaction and behavior with our website and email communications.


本公司收集数据是为了更好地服务hg皇冠2020手机的客户和您的需求. We collect the identified data to address our legitimate business interest in providing services to our customers and other interested individuals. 皇冠hg2020官方个兴趣不会被你的个人兴趣所压倒, 保护个人资料的权利及自由. 你提供的个人资料可能用于:

  • 与您沟通hg皇冠2020手机的服务, 关于詹森·休斯的最新消息, 根据您的沟通偏好.
  • 运营、评估和改进hg皇冠2020手机的业务
  • 分析hg皇冠2020手机的产品、服务和网站
  • 执行市场调研
  • 在招聘和雇佣过程中联系你


hg皇冠2020手机不会出售或以其他方式披露您提供给hg皇冠2020手机或hg皇冠2020手机收集的个人资料, 除了皇冠hg2020官方里描述的. We may share personal data you provide to us or that we collect through the website with service providers that perform services on our behalf (i.e.,集合援助). 当hg皇冠2020手机与皇冠hg2020官方些服务提供商合作时, we put in place appropriate confidentiality and security measures to limit the use of your personal data only for legal and authorized purposes that are consistent with this privacy statement.


We are a global company and will transfer personal data in a way that complies with the law wherever we transfer it. Personal data collected by Jensen Hughes may be stored and processed in the United States and our affiliates and subsidiaries in other countries. We will take all reasonable steps to safeguard the transfer of your personal data and ensure that your privacy rights continue to be protected.


  • 安全网络,电子邮件和数据云托管服务
  • 在内部服务器和计算机上,包括笔记本电脑
  • On mobile devices

The Company will comply will laws and regulations related to retention and destruction of any personal data collected through our website.


We have reasonable and appropriate electronic and physical security measures in place to protect against the loss, 在hg皇冠2020手机的控制下误用和更改信息. Please be advised, however, 尽管hg皇冠2020手机努力保护您的个人身份信息和隐私, no technology, 保证数据传输或系统是100%安全的.


因为hg皇冠2020手机处理您的个人资料是基于您的同意, you may at any time withdraw that consent provided that the withdrawal of the consent does not affect the lawfulness of the previous processing, 或者当有其他法律依据要求公司保留已处理的数据时. In addition, 根据适用的数据保护法律, you have the right to: (i) receive information on what personal data Jensen Hughes is collecting; (ii) receive access to such data and, if necessary, have it changed so it is correct; (iii) have your personal data deleted; (iv) restrict Jensen Hughes from processing, 或者限制hg皇冠2020手机的处理方式, your personal data; and (v) obtain a copy of the personal data we have collected.

You may contact us by e-mail or as described in the “How to Contact Us” section below to exercise your rights described above.

如果你在欧洲经济区, you can also withdraw your consent at any time without affecting the lawfulness of any processing conducted prior to your withdrawal or processing your personal data under other legal bases.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the data protection supervisory authority in your country. You can find the contact information of the data protection supervisory authority in your country here.

如果你在加州, 你有知情权, access, and deletion of your personal data and will not be discriminated against for exercising a right under the California Consumer Privacy Act.


Cookies are text files placed on your computer to collect standard Internet log information and visitor behavior information. 当您访问hg皇冠2020手机的网站, hg皇冠2020手机可能会通过cookies或类似技术自动收集您的信息.

欲了解更多信息,请访问 allaboutcookies.org.

How do we use cookies?

Our Company uses cookies in a range of ways to improve your experience on our website, including:

  • Keeping you signed in
  • 了解您如何使用hg皇冠2020手机的网站
  • 提高hg皇冠2020手机网站的可用性
  • 跟踪和分析网络流量



  • 饼干:功能 Our Company uses these cookies so that we recognize you on our website and remember your previously selected preferences. 皇冠hg2020官方些可能包括你喜欢什么语言和你在哪里. 混合使用第一方和第三方cookie.
  • Session cookies: 皇冠hg2020官方些允许网站仅在浏览器会话期间链接用户的操作, for example on amecfw.com a session cookie is used to remember the details a user provides when downloading images from our image library. This means that if the user downloads more than one image they only need to enter their details once during that session. 会话cookie在浏览器会话i后过期.e.,只要您关闭浏览器窗口
  • Persistent cookies: These are cookies which are stored on a user's device in between browser sessions which allow the preferences or actions of the user to be remembered. Jensen Hughes不使用皇冠hg2020官方种类型的饼干
  • First party cookies: 皇冠hg2020官方是由用户访问的网站设置的cookie的一般名称
  • Analytical cookies: These are cookies used to collection information about how people access and use a website and are the type mostly used on our site.

How to manage cookies

您可以设置您的浏览器不接受cookies, 上面的网站告诉你如何从浏览器中删除cookies. 然而,在一些情况下,hg皇冠2020手机的网站的一些功能可能不能作为一个结果.


hg皇冠2020手机公司的网站包含到其他网站的链接. 本私隐声明只适用于hg皇冠2020手机的网站, 所以如果你点击一个到另一个网站的链接, 你应该看看他们的隐私声明.


Our Company keeps its privacy statement under regular review and places any updates on this web page. hg皇冠2020手机将发布更新的版本,并在顶部指出它最近更新的时间.

How to Contact Us

Unsubscribe or Opt-out

If you would like us to update information we have about you or if you no longer wish to be contacted by Jensen Hughes, you may contact us:

By email at info@prismintraday.com


Jensen Hughes
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If you have any questions or comments about this Statement or any issue relating to how we collect, use, 或披露个人资料, or, you may contact us:

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